Will New Regulations On AISH Permit Disabled Individuals With Trust Funds To Qualify?

There is a new law in effect that will help provide families with options for financial support for any children that may have a disability that will not jeopardize their current benefits they may be receiving.

Bill 5: An Act to Strengthen Financial Security For Persons With Disabilities

The AISH program will help you recover benefits as well as deny any benefits if the recipient of those benefits have a trust fund account with a value of $100,000 or more. The reason for this bill is to give the individual and/or families a peace of mind when taking care of disabled children.

What is the AISH program?

The AISH program gives the recipient a living allowance, helps with health benefits, offers supplementary benefits as well for any individual that suffers from a permanent disability.

The individuals that have a disability who want to receive or apply for AISH will receive close to $1,588 per month. In addition, an individual may also receive $100 per month for every dependent child and health benefits that will help pay for prescription drugs, dental work, vision, diabetic supplies, and emergency benefits as well.

What Are The Benefits of The Proposed Legislation?

If this legislation is approved, it will provide complete clarity as well as options for individuals who has some form of a disability. It will also establish a grace period of one year to allow individuals to move their inheritance or a lump sum payment as long as they are non-exempt assets so that the individual don’t lose their benefits. Beneficiaries will cohabit with their partner and make financial decisions together.

It is important that you hire a lawyer to represent you while you are applying for this type of benefit. You will be able to explain to your lawyer why you think you qualify for this type of benefit and provide all the proof they need to win your case.

Your personal lawyer in Sherwood Park will need to have all the proof needed to file the right paperwork and to represent you for benefits. You will need to give them access to your medical records as well as all medical records of dependents living in your household that is disabled. You will need to also provide them access to the trust fund that was set up for your child.

Once awarded, you may want to keep your receipts for any future renewals or reinstatement of benefits that will help your lawyer represent you in a more productive way. Be sure to keep up with your lawyer throughout this process and answer phone calls promptly in order to keep everything moving like it should be. This program may not be around forever so you want to get the most out of it while you are able to qualify for it.