Who Has Access To Long Term Disability And WCB Benefits?

Because a disability could force an accident victim to alter aspects of his or her life suddenly and unexpectedly, such there is a way for such victims to minimize the level of their lost income. The existence of long-term disability (LTD) benefits has opened the door to such a way.

In some places, residents enjoy access to benefits from a Workers’ Compensation Board. Is there anyone who has managed to qualify for both types of benefits?

Each benefit has its own set of requirements.

A WCB benefit goes to someone that has suffered an injury or illness as the result of an incident that took place at the worksite. That assumes that the WCB claim has been made immediately, and that the worker’s employer has arranged for a medical assessment.

The LTD benefit goes to someone that must deal with injuries or an illness that were not linked to a workplace incident. Most LTD policies limit the ability for the beneficiary to receive money from another source. Still, some LTD contracts mandate applying for WCB funds, before applying for funds from the company that has written the contract.

Questions might arise, if an injured worker has sought a WCB benefit.

The provider for that way to minimize the loss of income could ask whether the reported injury was caused by an earlier condition, one that emerged at the time of the accident. If the answer were “yes”, then the requested funds/benefits could be denied.

Questions could also arise if someone that has received long-term coverage for 2 years has asked for extended coverage.

At that point the company providing the coverage might seek proof that the disabled worker was lacking in the ability to take on any job, not just one that was like the job that he or she had carried out earlier.

In both instances, the search for answers should follow the same route.

A personal injury lawyer could have the answers, or could know where to look for the answers. For that reason, anyone that hopes to obtain WCB ‘s funds, or to maintain LTD coverage should plan on hiring a personal injury lawyer in Medicine Hat.

That attorney would be able to represent any individual that might have been asked one of the 2 questions mentioned above. A company that has promised to cover disabled men and women might ask such questions at a scheduled hearing.

Those that have received a lawyer’s guidance should be able to provide the right answers. Their ability to give the correct answer should work to ensure their ability to achieve success, at the hearing’s conclusion. That success would take the form of proving possession of the stated requirements.