When Does An Injured Individual Need A Lawyer After A Car Accident?

People usually think they don’t need a lawyer and can deal on their own. But it is not always the case. You need a personal injury lawyer in Edmonton to deal with your case better and lead towards success.

Car accidents can cause a shocking experience, especially for those who haven’t been in one before. They can even lead to disabilities and injuries that are life-changing to the worst. People become disoriented in the wake of the accident. If you are wondering whether to take legal help or not then you should consider these 4 aspects:

You are injured: If you’re injured in an accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if your injuries are minor you have to visit a medical professional for evaluation. At first, it might seem unimportant to visit a doctor but it is helpful to you and your lawyer during the trial or settlement, or negotiation. After the assessment of your injuries, you can visit a personal injury lawyer. The injury lawyer will hold the at-fault party accountable if someone is responsible for the accident and will help you collect damages for your medical bills, lost wages, car repairs and other damages.

Fault is being disputed: Even if you’re sure that a particular driver or driver is at fault and responsible for the accident that led to your injuries, they might not be willing to accept their fault. The police report might not be sure of the at-fault driver or there might not be strong evidence showing the fault of the driver. The insurance company will then prolong the investigation to collect the evidence or facts that will in turn delay your time of receiving compensation. Then you have to contact an injury lawyer as the lawyer will tell you the possible legal options. The lawyer will handle correspondence with the insurance companies, to ensure that anything is not used against you.

Your case is complicated: If you met with serious injuries or different parties are involved in your case, the case becomes complicated. Then you need a personal injury lawyer to deal with the insurance companies. The insurance company will try to disprove the events in your case so that they can avoid paying you compensation. Professional lawyers will try to prove the facts with evidence by searching and collecting them. A qualified neutral mediation will offer a solution for everyone to feel content with the outcome of the negotiations. It will be more promising than the arduous litigation process. But if negotiations and mediation does not bring about a settlement, then litigation is the only way out.