What Victim of Truck Accident Must Do?

At the time of any collision between two motor-driven vehicles, the drivers involved have lots of questions. At the time of a truck accident, the driver that has collided with a truck should seek answers to a new and different set of questions. By hiring a lawyer, that same driver stands a better chance for obtaining those specific answers.

What must happen right after a car and truck collide?

One aspect of that time period does not differ greatly from the same period of a more common motor vehicle accident. The two drivers must be examined by a doctor, in order to determine the full extent of their injuries. Yet beyond that one aspect, the post-collision pattern of events does differ somewhat from the pattern associated with accidents that involve two or more cars.

The police will come on the scene. The police will talk to witnesses and document details of the accident’s setting. In addition, those officers of the law will have the ability to charge the “at-fault” driver. In addition, those officers will get the truck driver’s license number, as well as the date when that same license is set to expire. The officers will ask the driver the name of the truck’s owner. Some drivers own the large vehicle that they use to earn a living; others do not. Finally, an officer of the law will seek information on the name of the company that has agreed to insure the truck that had held the responsible party (driver).

What needs to happen later?

While the injured victim recovers, he or she ought to hire an injury lawyer in Medicine Hat. It should be an lawyer that specializes in truck accidents. That same lawyer will know that not all the necessary questions have been asked and answered.For example, the victim’s lawyer will want to know how long the truck’s driver had been operating his large vehicle before the collision took place. How long had he been on the road that particular day? How fast were the truck’s wheels rolling before that same vehicle’s automatic system kicked in? Is there any data available on the truck’s brake system?

The victim’s lawyer will consult with the “at-fault” driver and with the owner of the truck that has been insured by the indicated company. In addition, that specialist in truck-related collisions will speak with a forensic engineer. Those lawyers that have learned how to deal with insurance companies will not hesitate to share a fact that only they can provide. That fact concerns the expected size for a certain amount of money. That is the size of the pool of money that the victim plans to request from the company that has agreed to insure the large, responsible vehicle. The representative from that same insurance company must then prepare the strategy that will be used, in with the hope of presenting a successful defense.