Unproven Claims About Personal Injury Lawsuits

References to unproven claims about personal injury lawsuits make their way into almost any public discussion. Unfortunately, their frequent appearance in such discussions should not be viewed as evidence of the myths’ veracity. What facts are such myths hiding?

Is it true that the client of a personal injury lawyer usually has to pay a retainer fee? No that is not true. Such lawyers charge a contingency fee. If such an attorney fails to win the client’s case, there is no fee.

Is it true that a lawyer knows ahead of any negotiations or ahead of any trial what a given case is worth? No, an experienced attorney simply works on putting together a strong case. A strong case helps to maximize the value of any injury.

Is it true that someone with a personal injury claim should expect to take part in a trial? No, the majority of such cases end with an out-of-court settlement. Sometimes a case gets settled during the trial, but before the judge has made a decision.

Is it true that a single accident must lead to a single lawsuit? No, a single accident could trigger the filing of more than one lawsuit.

Is there any truth to the myth that a victim can take his or her time about filing a claim? No, the victim of an accident must file a claim within a 2-year period, if he or she hopes to win any type of compensation.

Is there any truth to the myth that it is better to deal directly with the insurance company, instead of using a lawyer? No, in the absence of an injury lawyer in Sherwood Park, you might get pushed to settle before completion of a full assessment of your damages.

Is there any truth to the myth that if someone feels unhappy with an out-of-court settlement, that same person can seek changes in the final agreement? No, the result of the negotiations is final.

How true to the facts is the claim that after filing a personal injury claim, you must wait at least 5 years for any award? There is no truth to that claim. An award is normally granted after 2 to 4 years.

How true to the facts in the claim that compensation is only awarded for physical injuries? Awards get made for any life-altering injuries. Problems such as trouble sleeping, depression or anxiety can be viewed as life-altering injuries.

How true to the facts in that claim that people often make a personal injury claim for a silly reason? Because lawyers work on a contingency fee, the same lawyers shy away from taking courses that seem almost groundless. A groundless claim is a silly one.