Understanding The Newly Introduced Mandatory Training For All Commercial Drivers

After the collision between the Humboldt Broncos’ coach bus and a semi-trailer truck, Alberta realized that it was time to enforce a new set of rules regarding the mandatory training of all current and future commercial truck drivers. Additionally, the provincial government also decided to strengthen existing safety requirements in order to prevent future truck collisions.

The Premise of This New Training Program

Since truck collisions tend to have rather devastating consequences, the government decided to finally take stronger measures in order to create a higher level of safety for all motorists. As of last month, which is March of 2019, all drivers who seek to obtain a Class 1 or Class 2 license will need to undergo an entry level training course. This course consists of training sessions in the classroom, in the yard, and in the vehicle. In terms of a Class 1 license, this vehicle is a semi-tractor trailer, and in terms of a Class 2 license, it is a commercial bus.

In order to receive their license, the drivers seeking either of these licenses will need to undergo a minimum of 125 training hours plus air-brake test. Should a driver have obtained their license anywhere between October 10th of last year, or March 1st of this year, then they will be obligated to undergo the same training hours and lessons as new drivers. However, these tests will be free of charge for these individuals.The staff teaching these lessons will be made up of government employees, all of whom have undergone updated training and tests befitting the new regulations so they can successfully teach the newly implemented curriculum.

Updated Requirements for All Commercial Carriers

There are currently over 25,000 commercial carriers navigating the roads of Alberta in over 150,000 vehicles, and all of them have been required to obey the newly implemented regulations. So as of 1stof Januaryof this year, all commercial carriers have needed to ensure the following:

• Give complete compliance documentation each time they apply for their Safety Fitness Certificate which requires renewal once every three years
• Undergo the mandatory course of safety and compliance, as well as complete the newly instated knowledge test in order to be allowed to continue the operation of their vehicle
• Successfully complete the formal review of a third party to prove their compliance with the newly implemented safety regulations enforced on a provincial and federal level

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