The Law Puts Dog Owners On-The-Hook For Compensation of Anyone Injured By Pet Canine

In almost all situations, a dog owner has been saddled with legal responsibility whenever his/her pet canine has bitten an innocent man or woman.

Rules enforced in all states

The owner of a pet canine would be held responsible for any injuries that might be caused by that same pet, if the owner’s experiences had acquainted him/her with a realization that the same canine could decide to hurt someone.

The owner of a pet becomes responsible for any injuries to a guest or passer-by, if the owner’s negligence has aided the pet’s attempts at achieving freedom from a leash or enclosure.

Some states have a stricter rule: All owners of pet dogs must control that same animal. Each of them would be held responsible for the pet’s vicious behavior, even if the owner’s experiences had not acquainted them with knowledge of the pet’s readiness to carry out a violent action, as per personal injury lawyer in Edmonton.

Situations that the legal system would view as an exception to the general rule

• A time when a guard dog has bitten a trespasser
• Any time when a dog’s victim had provoked the violent attack from a startled and angry canine.

Methods by which the owner of a canine could keep that same pet from attacking innocent guests or passers-by

Place warning signs on the property that has a four-legged guard.
Surround the same property with adequate fencing.

—It should be strong
—It should be sturdy
—It should not need frequent repairs
—It should be high enough to discourage any attempt at jumping over the fence.

Use sturdy leash when walking dog in public

Who determines whether or not an owner’s fencing should be deemed adequate? Who determines whether or not a leash is sufficiently sturdy, or whether a fence features an adequate height?

Any pet lovers/owners that have purchased the right sort of insurance policy should be able to turn to their insurance company for help with demonstrating their the adequacy of their fencing, or other means for controlling one or more pets.

If the injured victim were to sue the owner/lover of the vicious animal, the case might come before a judge in a People’s Court. That judge would deem any fence to be inadequate, if some animal had managed to sneak into or out of the fenced-in property.

As to the fence’s height, it should be high enough to prevent a typical jump, such as one from the ground. In the eyes of most judges, it would not have to be high enough to keep the enclosed animal from creating a type of platform, and then leaping from the same platform. Still, no one could know how a judge might rule, in a case that had such circumstances.