Have You Sustained A Catastrophic Injury In A Car Accident?

Why would a lawyer set aside a period of time for listening to all the details that relate to a client’s injury? Moreover, why would such an effort showcase the lawyer’s desire to determine how closely the same injury mirrors a catastrophic injury? Such a lawyer might be practicing law in Canada. Some Canadian laws make a special reference to those sorts of conditions, whenever any one of them has affected the victim of a motor vehicle accident.

What features must be present in an injury, in order for it to be declared catastrophic by a judge?

• All such injuries should be severe.
• In certain cases, the injury’s presence must be associated with the existence of chronic pain.
• In certain cases, the injury’s existence equates with the emergence of some type of psychological damage.

There are medical problems that have been categorized as severe injuries, according to Canadian law in Alberta. These include:

• An amputated limb
• Impairment of a limb’s movement
• Blindness in both eyes
• Brain damage: The exact nature of that brain damage has not been defined clearly. It should be something that disrupts the life of the affected individual. Does that disruption have to have an effect on the same individual’s activities, at every moment of the day, or could it take the form of periodic disruptions? The law is not clear on that point.
• Extreme impairment: impairment of more than 55% of the victim’s body

What benefits can be awarded to a Canadian with any of those particular problems?

The accident victim could win an award as high as $1,00,000.00. That is the limit that Canada has placed on the size of any benefit awarded to someone that has filed a personal injury claim in one of Canada’s courts. The same person could expect compensation for the costs of attendant care. The length of that care would be allowed to exceed the amount of care given someone with a less severe injury.

Required legal help for a resident of Alberta with a catastrophic injury

The injury lawyer in Edmonton furnishing such help would need to collect all of the medical documents that related to the client’s case. In addition, such an attorney should make a point of obtaining the doctor’s observations at the time of any scheduled medical assessment. In that way, the same physician could hope to produce evidence of the client’s right to claim that he or she had sustained a severe medical condition at the time of a catastrophic accident. They work closely with the injury lawyer and help them get more clarity on the level and intensity of the injuries and its future ramifications.