Suing After A Sidewalk Slip And Fall Accident

Freezing temperatures along with ice and snow can make it difficult to keep sidewalks and walkways free and clear. Weather that includes dropping temperatures and some type of precipitation can make walkways difficult to tread. When someone slips and falls on a sidewalk or walkway, chances are they will suffer a broken bone, fracture, or a head injury depending on how they land. When these types of falls occur, the person who owns the property will most likely get a notice from that individuals’ personal injury lawyer in Medicine Hat that they are being held responsible for injuries that occurred on the property.

Property owner liability for sidewalk slip and fall

Sidewalks should be a convenient way to get around from one place to another. If these walkways are not maintained the right way, or if there is some type of weather on it that wasn’t removed, they can become dangerous. The most common hazards of sidewalks and walkways include:

• Cracked pavement
• Ice or snow accumulation
• Broken concrete
• Uneven pavement

Because property owners are held reliable, it is important that individual businesses do what they need to do in order to maintain their sidewalks and in some cases can join together to handle the snow and ice on sidewalks that run in front of several businesses. These businesses may include:

• Office buildings
• Retail stores
• Shopping malls
• Hospitals
• Residential homes/properties
• schools

Municipal liability for unsafe sidewalks

When a business fails to clear their walkways from snow and ice, this gives individuals who suffer a fall because of these conditions the right to sue the business or individuals who did not clean their sidewalk. The amount paid can be determined by a few factors. There should be reasonable conditions that would prompt someone to sue another and these reasonable conditions include:

• Ice and snow that have accumulated over several days
• Snow and ice that remain on a sidewalk that is used frequently
• Failure of the city to react in a quick manner to freezing temperatures
• The lack of maintenance along the sidewalks for any town or city

Time limitations for compensation claims

Anyone wishing to file a claim does need to do it in a certain amount of time. If the slip and fall happened on a sidewalk that has been maintained by the municipal government, the claims would need to be reported in writing within ten days of the accident. If you don’t follow this guide line, you may not have the right to sue after that.
Compensation for your injuries
When a claim against a business or individual has been granted, you may receive compensation for:
• Lost wages
• Pain and suffering
• Loss of income in the future
• Medical expenses

Be sure to contact an injury lawyer in Edmonton to represent you as soon as you have received medical treatment for your injuries.