Significance of Victim’s Right To Preserve Chance For Obtaining Compensation

If you have been injured, because some other motorist hit your vehicle, while you were using the road to get from one location to another, then the person that drove that other vehicle should pay some type of compensation. In other words, you have the right to hold him or her accountable for your losses.

An outline of the basic approach that you need to use

• Start collecting all of the documents that relate to the collision.
• Exercise patience; realize that the process used for resolving such a dispute takes time.
• Maintain your persistence, while dealing with the insurance company’s adjuster.

Actions that work to preserve your chances for getting compensated

The most vital action is the one that should be completed as soon as possible, ideally at the sight of the accident. It involves making sure that each occupant of the impacted vehicle has received some form of medical attention. Do not overlook this action, even if it appears as if no one got injured.

Note significant details about the accident scene. How many lanes were on the road where the vehicles collided? Were there any traffic lights, or traffic signs? What was the condition of the road? What time of day or night did the accident take place? Was the collision scene well lighted?

If possible, take some pictures of the damage caused by the collision. Include pictures of damaged property, as well as those of the damaged vehicles. Speak with witnesses; get the witnesses’ contact information. Learn what each witness saw.

Contact the police; if officers come to the accident scene, their submitted report should contain some valuable information. Get an estimate for repairs to your damaged vehicle. You must make sure that the insurance company agrees to cover the total cost for repairs.

An additional action to consider

You could make it clear that you are serious about obtaining a fair compensation. You could do that by filing a lawsuit. Before filing a lawsuit, consult with a personal injury lawyer in Medicine Hat.

If you have retained a personal injury lawyer, be sure that you use that legal guidance, in order to stay on top of your claim. Stay in contact with both your attorney and the insurance adjuster. Help your lawyer to gather useful evidence. If you are suffering pain, keep a record of how frequently you experience a painful sensation; also record how long each such sensation lasted.

Help your attorney to discover how your injury has affected your life. Did you have to forego attending an important conference? Did you miss your chance for going after a sports-related scholarship? Any such lost opportunity adds to the value of the case against the other party.