What If I Say No To The Insurance Companies First Car Accident Settlement Offer?

When an insurance companies sends you a settlement offer, you can bet that the first offer is going to be the lowest offer they want to discuss with you. If you have been injured in an automobile accident, your insurance company as well as the other driver’s insurance company is going to get involved. Once the law enforcement makes their decision on who is at fault, the insurance company will send a claim adjuster to investigate as well. Once the investigation is over, they will then make you an offer to settle so you don’t go to court in order to get more money. You have the right to say no to the insurance companies first settlement offer they bring to the table.

The first offer coming from the insurance company is that it is the lowest offer they want to offer you and it won’t be the only offer they offer you. They don’t want to go to court because that is going to cost the insurance company more money in the long run and they want to keep the expenses down as low as possible throughout the entire process.

Once the first offer is sent back to them as declined, they will most likely hold a meeting and go over all the information, claims, and evidence to determine what they can go for a second offer to you. While they are discussing your first offer, it’s important that you find an experienced injury lawyer in Medicine Hat that can help you win your case. Once hired, your lawyer will assist you with any future offers of settlement you get from any of the insurance companies involved.

When your lawyer gets involved, they will personally send the insurance company a letter showing the official declination of the offer and any other offer they feel needs to be declined. In the letter to the insurance company, they will also include

What happened in the vehicle accident and why the insurance company should pay more and how they can provide proof that their driver was the one that caused the accident to happen.

Your lawyer will provide the insurance company a detailed list of all the treatment you receive because the accident occurred, so they are aware of the cost that justifies more money.

Your lawyer will also provide a list of economic losses that you have incurred due to the accident which includes a loss of income and the cost of a rental as well.

Your lawyer will also go over the impact this car accident has had on your life, in all aspects; financial, physical and emotional.

Finally, your lawyer will be able to submit a counter-offer letting the insurance company know what the minimal amount is that you will accept so they will stop wasting your time trying to buy you off at a lower amount.