Right To Reimbursement For Damages Caused By Animal Attack

The most common type of animal attack gets linked to the circumstances surrounding a dog bite incident.

Actions suggested for victim of such an incident

• Seek immediate medical attention
• Get the names and contact information for any witnesses
• Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton and provide that same attorney with the name and contact information of the dog’s owner.

To what extent would the owner be responsible for any injuries caused by the dog bite?

Some states follow the strict liability rule. In those states the plaintiff does not have to give a cause for the bite-associated injuries. The extent of the owner’s responsibility has eliminated the need for proof of that particular element of negligence.

Some states would declare the canine’s owner responsible, if he or she knew or should have known about the pet’s “dangerous propensities.”

Issue facing personal injury lawyer that must prove that owner/defendant knew or should have known about a canine pet’s “dangerous propensities.”

Did the defendant’s alleged knowledge include information about any other time that the pet/dog had demonstrated aggressive behavior?

Did the defendant’s alleged knowledge include information on the dangers associated with any canine like the one held by the dog’s owner?

Questions that plaintiff’s attorney could raise, during an effort to prove the owner’s level of responsibility

• Was the breed of your dog one that has been known to pose a danger to those that a canine of the same breed might view as a stranger?
• Was your dog’s size greater than that of a majority of dogs?
• Had your pet undergone any special training? Had it been trained to attack a suspicious person?
• Did you have a specific purpose in mind, when you purchased your pet? Had you been looking for a source of protection?
• Did you know about any aggressive behavior that your pet canine had demonstrated earlier?
• How did you house your pet? Did you keep that animal in a locked cage? Why did you feel compelled to use that form of confinement?
• Had you ever felt compelled to place a muzzle on your dog’s nose?
• Have you placed a warning sign on your property? If so, why?
• Have you ever issued a warning to anyone that has ventured onto your property?

If a canine’s owner were not present at the time of an attack, then whom might be held responsible for any dog bite?

Anyone that had been charged with controlling that specific animal could be held responsible. If that pet dog had wandered off of the owner’s property, and if some person or business had provided it with shelter, then whom could be held responsible for the effects of a dog bite? These are some of the things that need to be answered by a personal injury lawyer.