Attorneys should never promise their clients that they will receive compensation because the final decision is not made by them. The final decision in serious cases is made by a judge.

Many attorneys assure their clients that they will undoubtedly receive substantial compensation for all of their injuries. Some even dare to imply that the compensation may be greater than they deserve. But this is a half-truth.
A lawyer guarantees the effort but does not guarantee the result.

What competent lawyers can promise is that they will do everything possible, everything in their power so that the victims receive the compensation they deserve.


As in medicine, in law, there are professionals in many areas. Although all doctors have a general knowledge of the body, no one in their right mind would ask for a consultation with an ophthalmologist to solve a bruise on their knee.
In the same way, victims need to choose an attorney who is a specialist in their particular problem.

Although all lawyers must indeed know the constitution of their country and its general laws, no lawyer is an expert in all branches of law. If a woman is going to sue someone for a sports-related injury, she should seek out an attorney who specializes in sports-related injuries.

The point is to find an attorney who is knowledgeable in defending the victim’s particular case.


This is a sore point because a good lawyer must have proven experience, but not all experienced lawyers are good lawyers.

Some lawyers may have 30 or 40 years of professional experience and that is excellent. However, it is important for victims to make sure that the lawyer they choose has up-to-date knowledge regarding their particular situation.

This is especially important in personal injury cases because Tort Law (the Canadian group of laws pertaining to personal injuries) is relatively new compared to other laws, and is frequently being updated. For this reason, choosing a personal injury lawyer in Medicine Hat with outdated knowledge would put compensation at risk.


Because getting to know a lawyer is the key to choosing well, and choosing a lawyer well means the victim will be on the right track towards getting fair compensation.

Get to know an attorney > choose well > fair compensation

Choosing the first personal injury lawyer that appears on television might not be a good idea, because the victim has almost no information about who they are and what they do.

A good idea is to search for attorneys online. Before choosing a lawyer, the victim should go to their website, read the content they have, and request a first consultation to learn more about them.

In summary, before choosing a lawyer the victim should verify:

• Their honesty.
• Their specialty.
• Their experience.

If they do so, they will not be disappointed. As time passes, they will see the results, and they will be able to look back and say “I picked a good lawyer”.