Red Flags You Should Watch For When You File An Insurance Claim For An Injury

Insurance companies are responsible to ensure that their insurers get good care, the best medical interventions and the fairest compensation for an injury under the law, right? Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. As professional Sherwood Park injury lawyers, we see countless acts of bad faith from insurance companies after an accident injury. It’s unfortunate to see, especially when most of us dutifully make our premium payments each month just for times like these.

The reality is that the insurance industry often works counter to your best interests after an accident. As very profitable companies, their business model is to limit the amount they pay in claims. In fact, insurance adjusters are trained in ways that they limit payouts in settlements. There is one reason for this: to enhance the company’s profit margin.

If your insurance company does any of the following things, you need to watch closely to ensure that you are not getting unfairly treated.

Offering a Fast Settlement

Healing takes time. There is no way that your insurance company can make a comprehensive settlement without knowing the extent of your injuries and the costs that will ensue over the course of your healing. A quick settlement offer means that you are getting a deal that is not in your favor.

Asking for a Recorded Statement

Giving the insurance company a recorded statement is not a requirement. In most cases, these statements work to the detriment of an injury victim and will use any information or inconsistency to imply that you are not being truthful. We recommend that our clients never give the insurance company any recorded statement, no matter how persistent they are.

Asking You to Sign a Medical Authorization

There will be documents for you to sign. However, if your insurance company asks you to sign a medical authorization, you’d be well advised not to sign it. This gives your insurance company access to your complete medical history and often allows them to dig into your information to uncover reasons to deny your claim. Never sign any documents without first checking with a personal injury lawyer in Sherwood Park.

Delaying Your Payment or Misrepresenting the Amount Available for Your Claim

This is a tactic the insurance industry uses knowing the desperation that you may be feeling after an injury. Insurance companies understand that victims are typically going through significant financial difficulties. If they can delay payment or say that there is only a certain amount available for your claim, they count on you being desperate enough to accept the smaller settlement.

Disputing Damages

Adjusters are trained to meticulously pour over your records in order to dispute charges and medical care and treatment. Having a skilled lawyer on your side usually changes the tune that the company takes with your claim. A skilled lawyer knows when the company is bluffing and will hold them to their legal obligations.

When you are dealing with an insurance company after an injury, your best course of action is to have a legal professional in your corner. At BPCAB Law, we would be glad to discuss your claim in a no-cost consultation so you can have peace of mind that your legal rights are being protected.