Reasons For Claiming Compensation For Personal Injuries

The balance is the universal synonym for justice where both sides of the balance have the same weight to maintain the equilibrium of the entire object. Some events in life alter the weight of the balance and, to achieve justice, the law must go into effect. Many times that justice is represented by an amount of money called compensation, but…

• How to get it?
• How does that contribute to the “equilibrium of the balance”?

This article will answer those questions.


“Chase”. Interesting word, isn’t it? A person “chases” something when he is after something that is fleeing or difficult to catch. It is like a child trying to catch a butterfly while it flies away from him.

Why is it necessary to chase or pursue compensation? Because sometimes the person who has caused the damage does not want to be held responsible for his actions and tries to “fly away” like the butterfly.

Another reason for claiming compensation is that doing so avoids anarchy. How? Imagine what the world would be like if no one was punished for doing something wrong. How terrible would the world be! The problem would be that big that no person would see any crime as something bad, but as something natural.

When personal injury victims decide to claim compensation, they preserve the common sense of the community in which they live. Furthermore, they show offenders that their actions have consequences and demonstrate to victims that justice is possible.

When victims sue for the compensation they deserve, they help preserve common sense and eliminate anarchy. If there is anarchy, there is no justice.


The fact that compensation is the rightful right of the victim is another reason to go after it whenever possible.

• Imagine a man steals an apple from a woman. How much does the man owe the woman? An apple, is it not?

Although personal injury cases do not involve fruit, the principle behind compensation is the same: it is an amount equal to something lost.

This reason may seem simpler than the previous ones, but it brings a really powerful message. Anyone who harms another is obliged to return an amount equal to what the offender has taken from them. No matter what.


To help the readers remember the reasons why claiming compensation is worth it, here is this summary:

1. It is necessary to pursue compensation because offenders seek to avoid paying it.
2. When victims claim compensation they help to prevent crime from running rampant and uphold the sense of justice in their community.
3. Compensation is the rightful right of the victims and the irrefutable duty of the offenders.


There is a common phrase in the world of law: “The law is tough, but it is the law.” This phrase means that although sometimes applying justice implies sacrifice, there must be zero tolerance and no even one offender must go unpunished.

If you have been unfairly injured, you have many reasons to seek compensation and recover from your injuries. Call your trusted personal injury lawyers Sherwood Park and help them balance the scales of justice.