Should I Have Questions Before Renewing My Auto Insurance?

You have just been in an accident, what do you do? Who do you call? What about your insurance coverage? This is certainly not the right time to find out what coverage you have and it is not going to benefit you to change your policy now. It is important that you get familiar with your insurance coverage as soon as you can so you can be knowledgeable when or if you need to use it.

Most people don’t know what is covered in their insurance coverage and yet they pay for it every day. Not knowing what is covered and what you are entitled to if you are in an accident could cost you.

If you get a renewal notice in the mail or by email, this is the perfect time to change your policy or to at least familiarize yourself with the coverage that you currently have. Talk to your agent and confirm that amount of coverage you have currently. Also, ask about your limitations with your current policy. What deducts do you have and can you increase them or decrease them? Also ask about any changes to legislation that affect your current policy should you find yourself in an accident.

Compensation for Catastrophic Impairment

It is important to have the coverage when you need it and until you do need it, you may not even think about these fine details but one thing you want to make sure you have is a family protection endorsement.

This type of endorsement will protect you when someone else is at fault, but they only have the minimal amount of coverage. If you have this endorsement, you can actually sue your insurance company and have them pay the difference in expenses from what the other drivers insurance company will not pay. With this endorsement, you will also receive rehabilitation care.

Benefits of Weekly Income Replacement

This is going to be a very helpful benefit should you be injured to the point that you cannot work. While this is something that is expected after an injury, it is important that your insurance company pays out when you request it.

Guideline on Limits of Minor Injury

As per the Accident Benefit, you can afford to not have. If you fall and get hurt, you will be entitled to receive up to $3500 or more, of benefits to be applied toward rehabilitation. You can hire the services of personal injury lawyer in Medicine Hat to assist you with disability benefits.

Increasing Your Liability Coverage

If you caused an accident and are determined to be at fault, your liability coverage is normally one million dollars. While this sounds like a lot of money, we all know that in today’s world, it is realistically not enough. Before you know it, the money is maxed out and you are handed a law suit. Increase this coverage when or if you can. The sooner, the better so in the end, you want to be in charge of what you are paying for in terms of coverage for your insurance.