Do I Need A Lawyer For My Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Claim?

This question arises quite often and most commonly by those that have been contacted by a person working for an insurance company. These insurance adjusters, usually contact you from the negligent driver’s insurance company if you have recently had a vehicle accident and sustained injury. If you are the victim of a negligent driver these adjusters will often tell you the maximum you could receive is a very low amount and it is due to a “cap” in place under Minor Injury Regulation.

While it is true, the Minor Injury Regulation is real legislation, the maximum amount they quote you if often misleading you about the amount and the injuries that fall under this cap. The complexity of the truth about the cap is that it covers only injuries that are minor in nature, not serious impairment injuries. There are amounts and injuries that are not covered under this cap that you are entitled to. This cap does not apply to injuries that are not always initially apparent, such as muscle fiber or tendon tears or injuries that are psychological in nature, such as depression, anxiety or even PTSD that happens to a victim as a result of the accident.

This is often the short answer for victims, but more often continues into a longer answer, such as the following:

A few weeks or months following your accident you may be fully recovered from the accident when the insurance adjuster contacts you and offers the cap amount. In such a case there may be no need for a lawyer. Before you agree entirely to the cap amount offer you need to be sure there are no injuries that could later arise from the accident. This settlement amount is final and future injuries are not considered. You cannot ask for more money later on.

On the other side though you may get the insurance adjuster call while you are suffering or in pain from your injuries. This is the time to inform the adjuster of your intent to hire a personal injury lawyer. You will need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer with your claim and to be sure you receive the full amount of compensation you deserve.Every accident victim has a unique situation, and for these reasons you do need the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Sherwood Park to speak for you in gaining fair compensation. It is best to contact them quickly after an accident and ensure that they are able to secure all evidences and proof to make a claim on your behalf.