Money For Repairs And Treatment After Car Accident In Alberta

A car accident can hand the victim some devastating losses. Loss of money, due to the need for expensive repairs, and the need for methods that can treat a serious injury. How can victims in Alberta gain access to a source of funds?

One possible source

If the driver with a damaged vehicle has purchased collision coverage, then that same driver’s insurance company might serve as a source of funds. That fact would hold true, even if the driver’s involvement resulted from being the one named at-fault. The insurer could pay, with an amount equal to the deductible missing from that same payment.

If the other driver was responsible, then any money needed for car repairs should come from the insurance company of the responsible driver. Normally, the motorist that was hit can expect money from his or her own insurance company. Then that company can seek money from the other driver’s insurer.

If the driver that got hit had failed to buy collision coverage, that would mean using an alternate means for reaching the available funds. The same driver would need to make a claim through the insurer of the at-fault party.

Alberta’s solution for obtaining coverage of medical treatments

Residents of Alberta with a minor injury have the option of seeking compensation through the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols Regulation. Personal Injury Lawyer in Medicine Hat know that by using that Regulation, the injured resident can seek money for medical expenses from the Accident Benefits Coverage, which is also called Section B benefits.

If a resident’s injury qualifies as major, then that same resident must learn what money is available through several other sources. Injured residents with private medical insurance can seek compensation from that possible source. However, a private insurer might not be able to pay for all the expenses created by a major medical problem/injury.

In that case, more money might be available from a government program. That program would be the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund. Of course, it could be that the expenses were so great that the supplemental money from that Fund did not cover all the medical costs.

In that case, the injured resident might need to pursue a third option. If the other party had been responsible for the accident, then the resident’s third option would entail initiating a personal injury action. That action would be taken against the other party’s insurance company.

If the other party had not purchased any auto insurance, then a lawyer’s services would definitely be needed. At that point, it would become necessary to consider any other factors that might have caused the accident. Maybe some traffic sign had been removed, or perhaps some part on the other party’s automobile had failed to function properly.