Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For Long Term Disability Benefits

Some employers work with a firm that furnishes long term disability benefits to deserving employees. Still any one employee must show that he or she deserves such benefits. That entails completing an application. A mistake made on that application, or during the application process can keep disabled employee from receiving long term disability benefits.

Mistake that might be made before completion of application

The disabled worker has been told this by an employer: You are too sick to work. Some workers assume that, because the employer has uttered that sentence, the insurer will automatically grant the long-term disability coverage. In the eyes of the insurer, the employer’s statement does not count as evidence of the worker’s claim.

Mistake that might be made during the application process

The disabled employer relies on the advice offered by the human resources department. The people working in that department have no influence over the insurer. The victim must initiate any action against the insurer.

Mistake that could be made during the submission of the application

The applicant might use no more than the forms provided by the insurance company. The form has limited space for a doctor’s explanation of the problem. It helps to have the doctor write a complete report.

One of the more common mistakes

The applicant takes part in activities that the doctor has asked the injured patient not to do. Insurance companies made use of video surveillance. If the disabled employee gets seen disobeying the doctor’s orders, that can give the insurance company a reason for denying the requested benefits.

By the same token, any applicant should refrain from posting any pictures on a social media network. Insurance companies devote resources to an examination of the pictures posted on such networks. A photograph that shows the applicant taking part in a forbidden activity can lead to denial of the requested benefits.

A mistaken move that might be made after the application has been submitted

Most applicants are asked to seek social security benefits. Some applicants look to the insurance company’s lawyers for help, when seeking such benefits. Those lawyers might suggest checking-off the disorders in certain sections. The disorders checked off then decrease the applicant’s chances for obtaining long term disability benefits, with the help of personal injury lawyer in Medicine Hat.

On-job examples help, rather than hurt an applicant’s chances

Evidence that the applicant has a tendency to exhibit a certain symptom can be useful. Especially if the same symptom makes any person unsuited for the task of tackling a given job. For instance, can the applicant refer to a time when he or she fell, owing to the job’s demands?If that information does not get added to the application, it can be mentioned at a hearing.