What To Look For In A Wrongful Death Attorney

If a family has lost a loved one in an accident, then the family members have the right to file a wrongful death claim. Their chances for winning that wrongful death case, increase, if they have arranged to hire an attorney that specializes in such cases.

The type of accident that caused the loved one’s death should guide the selection of the most suitable wrongful death lawyer.

Was it a car accident? Car accidents are the most common causes for occurrence of a fatal incident.

Was it a defective part? If so, on what type of product had such a part been placed?
–An automobile
–A medical device
–A children’s toy
–A piece of electronic equipment
–Some type of medication

Did the fatal accident take place at the worksite of the deceased?

Some personal injury lawyers in Sherwood Park specialize in deaths that appear to be caused by a specific incident or substance. For instance, the fatal effects that have been linked to alleged exposure to asbestos could be difficult to prove. The defense team tends to question the appearance of symptoms at too early or too late a date, following the recognized exposure.

Did an example of medical malpractice lead to the death of a loved family

In that case, the hired lawyer would need to establish the duties of the responsible doctor, or other member of the medical community. Once the duties had become clear, proving fault would require showing that the defendant had breached his or her duties.

Duties that a wrongful death attorney should stand ready to handle

If family were filing lawsuit, retained lawyer would need to file a Writ of Summons.
Once a lawsuit had been filed, lawyers from both sides would need to attend the deposition.
The family’s lawyer should be present, when the same family’s representative meets with the judge. Naturally, it would be the attorney’s job to present the client’s case during a trial, if one were to be scheduled. Depending on the jury’s verdict, the plaintiff might decide to seek an appeal. That would require further work by the hired member of the legal community.

Times when an attorney’s presence could work to facilitate creation of a settlement

Following the deposition, when the defense team has learned the full extent of the evidence that supports the plaintiff’s case. Before the trial, when the judge has asked to meet with each of the disputing parties. As the trial progressed, creating a situation that could cause either side’s attorney to make a motion. That same motion might bring the lawyers for both sides into the judge’s chambers. The judge is in no hurry to have the dispute settled by jury verdict.