Liability In A Defective Or Recalled Car Accident

More and more car makers are announcing recalls these days than ever before. It seems as though cars are not as safe as they once were and this makes car driver’s uneasy. However, many people actually feel safer on the roads after a recall because the issue that they didn’t even know existed has been solved.

How safety recalls work in Canada

When a vehicle has been in an accident, every aspect of that accident is investigated in order to pinpoint the cause of that accident. Sometimes, it is not easy to find while other times, there is no doubt. If the accident seems to have been caused by something going wrong with the vehicle and it malfunctioned, then a report is issued and filed with the car maker. If there is more than one complaint of the same kind with that car maker and that model vehicle, then there will be an issuance that the company must take care of on all models bought and sold.

That is just the beginning; every vehicle owner with that vehicle model will need to be contacted and arrangements must be made for the vehicle to be serviced at a dealership by trained professionals and at no cost to the vehicle owner. When a person buys a new vehicle from a dealer, it doesn’t guarantee that the car is free from defects. There may not be any signs that a vehicle has an issue until it has been reported later on.

Defective car claims

When an accident occurs and injuries result because of a defective part on the vehicle, there are three key defects that are considered:

• Defective design of the vehicle
• Manufacturing defect
• Failure to warn

It is important that the manufacturer, the wholesaler, the distributor, and the seller is held accountable for the vehicle. The design defects happen to the product prior to it being manufactured. The flaw that occurs could cause the vehicle to be unsafe and even dangerous. A good example is if an airbag inflates in a collision and can cause injuries to the occupants inside the vehicle.

A manufacturing defect happens while the vehicle is in the production process. This type of defect may leave the vehicle’s parts not working as they should. For example, there should be a label on the airbag that states a warning that the airbag can explode and cause injuries. If a defect causes an injury or even death, someone needs to be held liable. The best place to start is with a personal injury lawyer in Edmonton. Explain your story to them and let them help you take your next steps and the steps after that. You want to seek legal advice and have the right information before you go any further with your claims.