Legal Assistance For Short-Term Disability Claims

The anxiety and stress resulting from an inability to work and support your family after suffering a serious injury can be an overwhelming experience. Although workers may be entitled to benefits, the reality is that your insurance company rarely has your best interests in mind. Instead, these insurance policies are an outline of the obligations and rights between you and your insurer.

Unfortunately, a common mistake made by individuals who try to do this by themselves is that they fail to follow the claim filing procedures that are clearly outlined in their policy. Other mistakes include failing to provide the proper information and missing a deadline. Having a personal injury lawyer in Edmonton ensures that these mistakes won’t happen and that your rights to benefits are protected throughout the claims process. They will evaluate and judge the merits of your personal injury claims on the basis of various set formats and will then help you get an estimate on the total damages that can be awarded to you.

Documents and Reports needed when filing a Claim

Having a personal injury lawyer on your side not only guarantees that your rights will be protected, it ensures that the proper documents and reports will be filed with your claim. These typically include:

• Attending doctor’s statement containing information regarding your illness or injury and an explanation as to why you are unable to return to work
• Employer documents explaining the nature of your illness / injury and the reason you’re unable to perform the responsibilities of your job
• Pertinent documents and records (associated with your illness or injury) which help to provide your reason for filing a short-term disability claim

Your personal injury lawyer can provide any requests for additional documents and reports that will support your claim. The lawyer will work with all aspects of the case to ensure that your claim is supported well. A strong claim which is presented properly can help you get the highest amount of compensation. And that will help you get better financial assistance.

Requesting a Reconsideration or Review

Should your short-term disability claim be denied, you have a right to file a request for a reconsideration or review. Your personal injury lawyer will ensure that your request for a review meets the specified deadline and that all procedures are followed so as to preserve your rights in this matter. Failing to file your appeal by the prescribed deadline or to file your lawsuit on time could keep your case from being heard by the courts. The only way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to enlist the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer.