Do You Know About Statute of Limitations In A Wrongful Death Claim?

If your loved one has died due to the negligence of another, you may want to search for some form of compensation for the expenses that occurred. There are filing deadlines that must be met in order to file a case. There are also statutes of limitations that also apply as well. If you don’t file a claim prior to the deadline, or if you don’t meet the criteria for filing for compensation recovery as per the current Section 8 of Alberta’s Fatal Accidents Act, you may not be able to take your claim to court.

The timeline for filing a wrongful death claim is two years however this time may not be so long if it is against a public body or municipal. When you lose a loved one from an injury or accident, you need to contact an lawyer immediately in order to file a claim by the deadline. Your lawyer can guide you through the next steps to ensure that you are protecting yourself and your family until you are able to heal from the loss.

If the wrongful death suit is brought on by a minor, the two year deadline will not start until that individual turns the age of eighteen. For example, if a minor loses his/her parent or guardian due to a wrongful death, they have until they are twenty years old to file a wrongful death suit. These age limits are there to protect the minor until they are able to make decisions on their own as an adult. Most of the lawyers try to settle the claim out of court but in a few cases, the case might go on trial and that is why it is important to hire the lawyer that has ample experience dealing with trials and negotiations. This will help you get maximum compensation to tide over the loss of the family member and the related medical expenses or funeral expenses apart from future living costs.

If you need an injury lawyer in Medicine Hat, you will want to hire a professional that has been helping others in wrongful death cases for a long time with years of experience. Every wrongful death suit can be difficult so it’s important that you not only find someone that is going to be compassionate over your case but also professional.

There is no amount of money that can compensate for the loss you have experienced. A wrongful death settlement simply assists you in maintaining financial stability that you may need with the absence of your loved ones income.