Know More About Disability Benefit Programs In Alberta

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way that we could predict what will happen to us in the future? You could see what might be coming in your pathway and be able to move out of the way before you or anyone you love gets hurt.

Unfortunately, there is no way to predict these stepping stones in life. When a personal injury hurts you or someone you love, you may need to re-evaluate even the simple tasks you do in life. Personal injuries can include traumatic head injuries, motor vehicle accident, sexual assault, or any other injury that you received. When these types of injuries occur, it can take the tasks that you do on a daily basis and turn them around to where they are impossible to master without assistance. You may work outside of the home, house cleaning, driving the kids to school; all of these tasks may be impossible to do anymore.

An injury can be devastating as well as difficult to handle those challenges that you may be facing all the time. When you don’t want to do this alone, your personal injury lawyer can help you as there are different disability coverage available in Alberta:

• WSIB or Workplace Safety and Insurance Board: This helps you when there are personal injury related disabilities that you suffer with due to work related accidents
• EI or Employment Insurance: This is provided when you are injured and there is loss of wages applicable for 119 days, provided by the Federal government.
• STD or Short term disability benefits: Offered by insurance companies to cover loss of wages/ income for a couple of months.
• DRES or Disability Related Employment Support: For injuries/illness that led to disability and is applicable for those who do not have any other disability cover. It helps them tide over job/workplace/educational support.
• LTD or Long Term Disability Benefits: Offered by insurance companies to those with long term disabilities due to personal injuries to cover for loss of wages.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

These types of injuries require the assistance of a personal injury lawyer who can help you fight for compensation so you can pay someone to do these tasks for you until you can do them on your own again. This could be short term or it could be long term, depending on what is best for your case.

Personal injuries are not always easy to recover from. You may have a permanent or partial long term disability that can be devastating to you maintaining your own independence. Contact personal injury lawyer in Edmonton that can assist you in not only winning compensation for reimbursement of expenses occurred from hiring someone to come in and help you, but to also help you with mental and physical rehabilitation.