What To Do When An Under-Insured Driver Collides With Your Car?

You have been hit by an under-insured driver, or driver who has no auto insurance. Maybe the other driver hit you and ran away. If you or a loved one else has been seriously injured in the accident you might not know where the coverage is going to come from. Your own family protection coverage will make short-fall. You may even have to resort to looking at your own vehicles insurance because the driver that hit you is not insured at all, not insured adequately or you might not be able to identify him at all.

Multiple Injuries In Collision

The collision you were involved in injures multiple people. If so, there will be a pro-rata division from the at-fault driver’s limits. An example of this means, if the at-fault driver has a policy limit of one million dollars, it will be divided several ways. This will alter if you have a million dollar family protection cover, you are not eligible for the deficient because you both have the same amount of coverage policies, so if the other individual isn’t under-insured, and you will have to share the limits. Your own insurer makes up the shortfall, if you have family protection cover of two million dollars.

Results: If the at-fault drivers insurance policy limits does not provide coverage for catastrophic injuries, it will fall short of the mandatory amount of $200, 0000. Now, you will have to take out an injury claim with your insurance company for them to provide the balance.

Deadlines to make a Claim: It is important to know the deadlines for launching claims. You will usually have two years from the date of the accident to begin a claim for personal injury against the at-fault driver. There may be an earlier deadline, if you intend to launch a claim against your insurance provider.

Do not let the deadline get away before you set the process in motion. You may wait to find that the at-fault driver was under-insured or to understand the full extent of injuries, only to find the deadline is passed. If you are confused about insurance policies, who pays what or not or deadlines to file claims contact a personal injury lawyer in Edmonton to answer these questions. Most of the lawyers judge the merits of the case before they are ready to represent your case. They will look at all aspects of the claim and see if it is worth fighting for. Additionally, it is best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident so that all evidence and proof can be conserved.