Injuries Expected To Escalate In Alberta Following Cannabis Legalization

Government is working to legalize forms of cannabis to not only increase the states wealth but to also shed new light on medical benefits of it. While some legislation is ready to pass the rules and regulation for cannabis, not everyone is sold on the fact that it can do more good than harm.

The first thing to consider is the legal age to purchase cannabis. Making the age too young can lead to more young people having the ability to purchase it and can ultimately lead to overdoses and causing more additions from the ample supply that may be available to all ages. While there is a minimum age to purchase cannabis, having lower age limits could make it possible to get a hold of it with ease.

Preventing Cannabis-Impaired Driving

Some recommendations to prevent individuals from driving while cannabis impaired, include:
• Imposing administrative sanctions at a lower limit than the criminal code impairment
• imposing zero tolerance for THC for drivers who are graduated
• Increase the sanctions for all individuals that are impaired by simultaneous use of cannabis as well as alcohol
• Separate cannabis and alcohol outlets
• support research that will improve law enforcement with tools they need
• apply sufficient resources that will educate and train law enforcement
• conduct more public education to alert the public to cannabis impaired driving

Preventing Ingestion of Cannabis By Children

Research proves that children around the ages of nine and younger can get a hold of some form of cannabis since it become legal back in 2012. Many of the cases that are presented in courts today involve a form of edible products that contained cannabis; brownies, cakes, cookies, and candies.

Preventing Burns Due To Combustible Solvent Hash Oil Extraction

Colorado immediately began to notice incidents of burns from hydrocarbon, due to the extraction of the hash oil that is secreted from cannabis since it has been legalized. These accidental burns due to the extraction continued to increase in number. In addition, more fires and explosions were also reported due to the fact that injures of the neck, the head, and upper extremities also increased in number. There are recommendations in place that will help to decrease the number of injuries and fires that are started by legalizing cannabis.

Preventing Other Injuries Due To Cannabis-Impairment

It is important to realize that cannabis can impair your reaction time as well as your information processing and motor coordination. You need to take precautions to help prevent these accidents from occurring. Thus, if you have been in accident, it is essential that you contact the personal injury lawyer in Sherwood Park as quickly as possible.