Initial Steps In Personal Injury Claim

If someone that has been involved in an accident has undergone any level of bodily harm, what actions should he or she take just as soon as possible?

Seek immediate medical attention

Without some record of the victim’s injuries, the victim’s chances for winning a personal injury claim would not be great. Even if there were no visible injuries, the logical suspicion of injuries should provide reason for seeking immediate medical attention.

Proceed with moves that help to ensure the integrity of any claim

–Write down what happened: Include in your notes any observations, regarding the event that preceded the accident. Offer details on what took place during the moments of the accident. Do not fail to mention any conversations that you had with others, following the accident’s occurrence.

–Take pictures:

• Get photographs of any damaged personal property.
• Get photographs of the accident site.
• Get photographs of any injuries
• Save all of those pictures, and store them in a safe location.

–Obtain a copy of the police report or the incident report; Study that same report and check for the presence of any factual errors. Speak with the proper authorities, regarding those mistakes. Arrange to have the correct information added to the examined report.

–Schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney. Take your notes along to that consultation, so that you can use them as a reference. If you are experiencing pain, discuss with that lawyer how you might document the frequency and length of your repeated sensations of pain.

Learn what more you could do, during any future appointment with a treating physician. For instance, find out how you might get mention in your medical record about the likelihood for any complication or recurrence of a treated problem. A personal injury lawyer in Sherwood Park could use a reference to that likelihood as the reason for requesting money for future medical expenses.

Do not let your early efforts become wasted efforts.

Save all of your medical bills. Save any stubs that you received, after paying to park at a medical facility.

Do not post online any pictures of you pursuing some activity. Do not make any reference to your injuries or your case. Insurance companies hire employees that spend their time seeking information that an injured claimant has posted on a social networking site.

Do not hesitate to check on the significance of any new symptom, no matter how seemingly minor it might be. Work with family members, in order to watch for the emergence of a strange behavior, such as forgetting a fact that used to be at the tip of your tongue. Do not write off the fact that you keep having strange dreams.