Is There Help For Pet Owner That Is Liable For Dog Bite Injury?

Someone that is known to love animals can also have concerns for humans. In fact, if the pet canine of an animal lover chooses to bite some child or adult, the pet owner needs to display concern for the victim of dog bites. Such a display can help to smooth over the problem created by the dog bite.

Steps that should be part of the pet owner’s defense

Perhaps the dog’s owner feels that the victim somehow provoked the pet’s poor behavior. If that feeling can be substantiated, then the victim’s case will be much weaker. At the same time, the pet owner’s defense will become stronger.

What was the nature of the care given to the victim, after he or she had been bitten? Did that same bitten person receive help with getting to a doctor? If the person responsible for the seemingly ferocious canine had shown a readiness to care for the person attacked by that same animal, then that fact makes it difficult to prove establish a specific link. That would be a link between the dog’s behavior and the actions of the person that was caring for that same animal.

The defense of the animal-lover will be stronger, if that same person takes the time to give his or her name and contact information to whomever has been attacked by the testy canine. The victim of the canine’s aggressive behavior should also be provided with the names and contact information for any witnesses. Any one of those same witnesses could also be someone that would be willing to speak in defense of the person that cares for the aggressive pet.

An examination that should be part of the pet owner’s defense

Any attorney that has the job of fighting whatever charges of liability have been made by the dog’s victim should examine closely what type of structure had been used to control the behavior of the rather testy dog. Had a chain been attached to the animal’s collar? Had the animal been placed in an enclosure with a fence?

What aspect of that chain or enclosure had weakened in some way what was supposed to be a controlling structure? Could that specific weakness have been corrected? If it could have been corrected, then how should that correction have been introduced? Should the owner of the controlling structure have foreseen the existence of a dangerous weakness in what was supposed to control the dog’s behavior?

Those are the sorts of questions to which a good personal injury lawyer in Medicine Hat would seek answers. Ideally, those answers would help to show that the pet’s lord and master did not deserve to be held liable for the nasty behavior of a certain four-legged creature. That is why it is important for the pet owner to discuss all aspects of the case with a lawyer.