Help For Building Strong Case If Car Accident Has Made Pre-Existing Condition Worse

Any injured victim of an accident has the right to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other losses, even if that same victim has a pre-existing condition.

Conditions that could be aggravated by an auto accident

Someone that wears an implanted device, in order to control a harmful condition: Such a person could experience an increased degeneration of affected body parts, if the accident-linked injury were to introduce the need for a certain type of medication. For instance, any need for an IV-administered antibiotic might trigger a degeneration of the nerve cells in the ear.

Someone with a history of broken bones: An impact from another vehicle might reverse any ongoing healing process.

A hernia: The pain created by that condition could increase, in response to an accident’s strong forces.

A joint injury: As with a bone that was once broken, a joint injury could exhibit a reversal of any healing process.

Fibromyalgia: Someone with that condition might experience increased pain, after being subjected to the forces that had been created by the impact.

A warning to anyone with one of the conditions that has been listed above:

Be honest: if victim were to try hiding the existence of that chronic condition, the insurance company would have a stronger argument for denying coverage. Compensation for injuries should be allowed, if victim were able to prove that accident had made condition worse, or had necessitated utilization of additional treatment.

Assistance provided by a good lawyer

Showing negligence on the part of the other driver. Collecting support for the fact that the accident’s effects managed to aggravate the client’s condition

Arrange for creation of all needed paperwork: That could include a diary or a journal, one in which the client had recorded each occurrence of pain, during the recovery period. That data should explain how frequently a painful sensation had been felt, and how long it had persisted.

Understand how to deal with any allegations from representatives of the insurance company. Any one of them might claim the existence of a device that should have been worn by the lawyer’s client. If such a device did exist, then the client’s failure to wear it could be seen as negligence.

It would be the lawyer’s job to discover the veracity of such allegations. An attorney could carry out that task by locating and talking with medical experts. An insurance company could have experience with forming an argument that could suggest partial responsibility for the accident by the lawyer’s client. The same client would lack such experience.

A personal injury lawyer in Medicine Hat should collect evidence, showing that the accident-linked injury might interfere with the performance of daily duties, or with efforts to earn a living.