Help For Those Employees That Were Denied Short-Term Disability Coverage

An employee that is too sick to go to word for an extended period of time has reason to apply for short-term disability coverage. If that coverage gets denied, the same employee has specific questions.

How can I increase my chances for winning my appeal?

• Work closely with your physician, so that you have his or her support.
• Ask your doctor about the availability of a reasonable treatment.
• Be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations.

How do I get referred to a specialist?

Speak with your doctor about any concerns that you have as a result of your symptoms, and also your response to the prescribed treatment. If the treatment has not brought the desired results, it might be time for you to speak with a specialist.

How can I keep my job?

This is a frequent question from someone that has that has been denied short-term disability, but still does not feel well enough to return to the workplace. Many of those particular employees become afraid that they will lose their job, due to their medical problems.

Personal injury lawyers in Edmonton tell their clients that they cannot be fired due to their disability. After learning about the denial, the denied worker needs to get another medical report from the appropriate doctor. If that report shows that the employee is still sick or disabled, the employer cannot seek the worker’s termination.

Is now the proper time for me to return to work?

Do not go back to work without consulting with your doctor. Maybe you are not physically ready to cope with the demands of your job.

If you would suffer no ill consequences by going back to work, initiate the necessary preparations, so that you can get back to your job. If you have to make special arrangements for transportation, make your employer aware of that fact.

If you try returning to work, and then find your job to be too demanding, you will not have wasted your added effort. Insurance companies acknowledge the efforts made by a policyholder to have a try at returning to work.

Why should you care about impressing the insurance company? You must realize that the company that sells short-term disability coverage also sells long-term disability policies. The day may come when you need to go after long-term disability benefits.

Should I apply for long-term disability? It is so hard to apply for long-term benefits.

If you signed a contract when you applied for short-term disability leave, then you have a right to apply for long-term disability (LTD). Still, your employer could ask that you be continuously disabled for an extended period of time (17 months to 52 weeks). Hopefully, you can get accepted.