What Happens To Me If I Cause A Motor Vehicle Accident?

Suppose that among all the people at a particular automobile accident, you appear to be the one that should be pointed to, as being the person “at fault.” What does that mean for your immediate future? Should you expect to be using some form of public transit until you can save up the funds that would be needed to fix your damaged vehicle? Any good lawyer would tell you that your ability to advance a claim has not been lost.

What can you hope to gain, by retaining that specific ability?

You have every reason to anticipate becoming a recipient of accident benefits. Such benefits get made available to anyone who was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Hence, you will be given money that you can use for fixing your damaged car, truck, van or SUV. If you were sending monthly payments to the organization that has sold you the now-damaged vehicle, the money for the damages will go to that same group. In that way, the payment for damages could cover some of the amount that you still owe that same organization. Yet even if you do not become the recipient of money for damages, you could still enjoy some other benefits.

You can go after benefits for medical and rehabilitation costs. You can seek replacement of lost income. You can even request monetary assistance for any necessary help with housekeeping, attendant care or coverage of care giving and education expenses. Your family members deserve to get money that can be used to cover their travel expenses.

What special right do you possess?

Perhaps one of the victim’s rights has you worried. Maybe you are concerned about the victim’s ability to file a tort claim. Yet you too have certain rights. For instance, you have the right to advance a tort claim. Still, if you intend to take advantage of that same right, then you should get an lawyer. You need someone that will work to convince a judge that the other party must bear some degree of responsibility for that accidental collision. Lawyers normally approach such a challenge by trying to show that the assignment of liability remains in question.

What can happen when the liability remains in question

Even if you feel that you should be declared “at fault,” it could be that the assignment of liability remains in question. Injury Lawyer in Sherwood Park understands how to bring that fact to the attention of a judge. Then that same judge may decide to lower the amount of money that was going to be paid by a certain driver. Maybe you were that specific driver. Perhaps a judge has chosen to lower your payment. If that is the case, then the degree to which your payment might have been lowered. Consequently, the judge’s decision would reflect the amount of responsibility that has been placed on the party, the person that had hoped to get off the hook.