Many victims are afraid to approach a personal injury lawyer in Edmonton because they are unaware of the steps that will be taken. Because of this, they lower the likelihood of receiving their compensation. This article will discuss the steps an attorney will take after being approached by a victim.


At the first consultation, the attorney will speak with the victim about their injuries and the circumstances surrounding the accident. Assessing their injuries will allow the attorney to tell the victim how much to expect as compensation.

During the conversation, the lawyer will explain to the victim how much they charge and which payment methods they accept. This way, the victim will be able to see if the approximate amount of compensation for their injuries is enough to pay the attorney’s fees.

Next, the lawyer will file a lawsuit so that public entities are aware that an offense was committed.


After the attorneys have spoken with the victim and the victim has hired their services, they will begin the investigation of the case.

By this point, the lawyer already has a general idea of the accident and the circumstances that caused it according to the victim’s experience. However, the attorney needs to research and verify the facts, discover the other side of the story, and find information that is relevant to the legal process.

During an investigation, the lawyer will collect testimony from witnesses, search police records if they exist, and speak with the doctors who assisted the victim when the accident occurred.

Medical evidence is important because it is the key point of the lawyer’s future negotiation.

As the investigation progresses, the attorney will provide their client with regular situation reports keeping them well informed. The frequency of these reports was determined in the preliminary discussions between the lawyer and the victim.


Now the lawyers have the tangible evidence and a good grasp on the story. Thanks to their research, they know the causes of the accident and the severity of the victim’s injuries. The next step is to talk to the aggressor.

With the evidence in hand and the intention of their client in mind, the attorneys speak with the offender, their attorney, or the insurance company representing them.

When the personal injury lawyer is speaking with the aggressor’s defense attorney they will compare the degree of liability, and the severity of the injuries of both parties. They will also go over the economic condition of the aggressor and the victim.

The purpose of negotiation is to achieve a reasonable deal without going to court.

For the benefit of victims, 95% of personal injuries end in friendly negotiation. Aggressors pay what they owe, and victims see their needs met. However, some offenders refuse to acknowledge their guilt, and attorneys must take the case one step further.


The last thing personal injury lawyers can do for their clients is to represent them in court.

This is very rare, but when a personal injury case goes to court, the attorney’s goal is to demonstrate to a judge in a civil court that the victims deserve to receive compensation for their injuries.

The victim will not suffer the stress of going to court because their attorney will represent them.