How To Get Compensated For Whiplash Injury

The suggestion that someone who got injured during an accident shows signs associated with a whiplash injury should not be viewed as the beginning of a good joke. A whip lashing is no joking matter. Moreover, it happens to victims of all sorts of accidents, not just those involved in motor vehicle collisions.

Types of accidents that can increase the likelihood for a whip lashing to occur

• Automobile
• Skiing
• Riding a roller coaster
• Bungee jumping
• Ice hockey
• High-impact sport

The above list does not include every situation that can lead to one victim’s development of a whiplash injury. Only the setting for specific accidents has been mentioned in the above listing. A physical assault could also make it more likely for an adult to get whiplashes.

How a whiplash victim ought to go after desired compensation

Make sure that every aspect of your pain and discomfort has been well-documented. Collect all the medical records and then create a personal journal. Write down the details about a scheduled treatment, and how you, as the victim responded to that treatment. Note those times when the pain became especially sharp or pervasive.

Mark down where you were when the pains started. Was anyone else present? If someone else saw the extent of the pain’s effect, then that same person might be a potential witness. Once you have hired a lawyer, that member of the legal profession ought to have a list of the potential witnesses.

Keep track of the costs related to any diagnostic or treatment procedure. Some procedures, such as an MRI can be quite expensive. Still, that imaging procedure aids location of the spot at which any treatment ought to be directed.

What a whiplash victim should not do

If you are recovering from a whip lashing, be sure that you do not devote any of your free time to the act of posting pictures on a social media network. The insurance company would like you to make that mistake. The insurer would love to hear that you have posted a picture of you doing some action that you have claimed you cannot do, due to your whiplash-caused pain and discomfort.

If you feel motivated to write about some aspect of your current life, then add another entry to your journal. The insurer cannot see what you have placed in your personal diary/journal. Your personal injury lawyer in Medicine Hat would never consider showing every comment in that tiny booklet to the insurance company. Those entries that could be used to support a given statement might get copied.

The victim’s valuable knowledge

Medical science continues to study whiplash injuries. When you can provide doctors with the victim’s view of a diagnostic procedure or a treatment, you add to the facts that can get passed on to other doctors. Victims of an injury suffered while participating in a high-impact sport certainly have certain insights that could prove helpful to doctors.