Financial Help For Victims of Motor Vehicle Accident In Alberta

The legal system in Canada recognizes the fact that the victim of a motor vehicle accident should have a way to seek a fair compensation for damages. The lawmakers in Alberta have provided residents of that province with an adequate system for obtaining the desired compensation package. All drivers in Alberta should take the time to become familiar with that particular system.

Source of money to cover damage to driver’s vehicle

If the holder of a car insurance policy has paid for collision coverage, that should be used to cover the indicated property damage. The amount provided to the policy holder varies; it depends on who has been found at fault. If the policy holder has been found at fault, then that driver/policy holder should get an amount equal to the cost of the repairs, minus the designated deductible.

Sources of money for compensating an injured driver or passenger

Victims that have minor injuries can seek the money referred to as Accident Benefits or Section B benefits. A series of protocols and regulations determines whether or not someone with a minor injury has qualified for such payments. Understand, that such benefits get sent to all the drivers injured in a car accident within Alberta, regardless of who might be found at fault.

Victims with medically verifiable evidence of a decidedly severe injury can seek money from more than one source. For instance, those with a private insurance, can check to see what money that one specific health insurance company might be able to offer to the injured victim. Later, if the money from the health insurance gets exhausted, it becomes time to look at the money available from the car insurance company.

If all the money from both of the above sources has been sent to the injured victim, and that same victim has not yet recovered, it becomes clear that the time has come for contacting the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund. Yet, if the responsible driver was someone other than the injured driver, or the passengers in that same driver’s automobile, then the victim can file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible driver.

Chances for winning such a lawsuit

Those chances depend to a large extent on the amount of evidence presented to the judge and jury. Victims that have amassed a good deal of evidence stand a better chance of winning, than those that lack the ability to introduce some noteworthy evidentiary material. Of course, it also helps to have the support of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Sherwood Park. Such a lawyer should be an expert in the law, and someone that has used his or her experience and education to locate one or more expert witness.