Even A Minor Collision Creates The Need For Multiple Actions

Anywhere in Canada, the occurrence of a minor collision triggers the performance of a multiplicity of tasks. In Alberta, residents must carry-out one special task, in order to enjoy a benefit that relates to the treatment of an accident victim’s injuries.

Tasks that should be done by all residents of Canada, following occurrence of a minor collision:

Obtain the name, address and phone number for each of the drivers involved in the collision. If any driver does not own the driven vehicle, get the name, address and phone number of the vehicle’s owner.

• Try to locate 3rd party witnesses. Get their contact information.
• Report the collision to the police.
• Report the collision to your insurance company.
• Arrange to be seen at a hospital or clinic.

Additional tasks for residents of Alberta:

Pay attention to the observations made by the doctor or health care worker that examines you at the hospital or the clinic. Be clear on the nature of any minor injury. Any residents of Alberta with a minor injury must provide their insurance company with a complete claim within 10 days of the accident.

Alberta’s residents can take advantage of the Province’s Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols Regulation. Yet any resident risks the unwanted chance of failing to seize the opportunity to enjoy the right to take advantage of that particular Regulation. A resident could miss the chance to seize that opportunity by not providing the insurance company with a completed claim within 10 days of a given accident/collision.

Once an insurance company has received a claim, it must cover the costs of the claimant’s medical expenses. At the same time, it can study the doctor’s report, and see what treatment has been recommended. From that point on, the insurance company has the ability to compare the claimant’s actions with the treatment approach that was recommended by the treating physician.

The implied task:

In light of the fact that the insurance company receives a claim within 10 days of a collision, those involved should appreciate their need to adhere to a doctor’s recommendations. Their failure to do so could cause the insurer to reject requests for coverage of the treatment procedures.

In other words, Alberta’s system hastens the rate at which a claimant might get denied reimbursement for medical expenses. The accident victim can file a personal injury claim with the help of injury lawyer in Sherwood Park faces the chance of losing a fair compensation if he or she does not follow the orders of a treating physician.

The reduced compensation becomes a reality at settlement or at the time of a court decision. For Alberta’s residents, the denial of coverage for medical expenses could happen a bit earlier in the timeline that normally accompanies a collision.