Does The Intensity of Injuries Affect The Settlement Value of Your Claim?

The nature and extent of your injuries play the biggest role in determining how big your final settlement will be. You’ll likely be spending a great deal of time and money getting treated and healing if you were ever involved in a personal injury accident. This money is referred to as ‘medical special damages’

The defendant’s insurance company will use these special damages as the basis for calculating your settlement. So, it’s time to examine these damages in more detail now!

The Type of Injury Forms the Base Number of the Settlement

It’s easy to calculate your physical injuries. All the insurance adjuster has to do is tally up your medical expenses from your medical bills. Calculating pain and suffering, however, is not as easy. That’s because it’s impossible to put a dollar amount on things like mental anguish, stress, and depression. And the personal injury lawyers in Sherwood Park know that.

Soft Tissue vs. Hard Tissue Injuries

Insurance adjusters divide injuries into two broad categories:
● Soft tissue injuries
● Hard tissue injuries

The only way to diagnose a soft tissue injury is if a doctor notices it and asks the patient about the amount and scale of pain and discomfort it’s causing him or her (the patient!) It’s easy to diagnose a hard tissue injury like a broken bone during a medical exam.

Soft Tissue Injuries

These include sore and sprained muscles and body parts. Soft tissue injuries tend to affect only muscle and connective tissues. That’s why insurance companies don’t think they’re as serious as hard tissue injuries. So, they only get assigned a value that’s at most half of what’s assigned to medical special damages in general.

Hard Injuries

You can get more money for these since insurance adjusters consider these to be more serious and severe. You can get an award that’s up to five times higher than that awarded for medical special damages in general. The categories of hard injuries:

Broken bones – chipped and broken bones will get you a bigger settlement. That’s especially true if the bone was severely broken or chipped.

Head injuries – these will get you a higher settlement since things like a concussion tend to be serious and cause long-term damage. You tend to get a higher settlement much faster with a head injury.

Make sure to check your medical records for any documentation of a head injury. Things you want to pay attention to are the period you were unconscious, or if you had any dizziness, disorientation, or nausea after your injury.

If you have continuing headaches or extreme discomfort, make sure to tell your doctor about that. He or she will make a note of that and you can use that to get a bigger settlement.

Separations, dislocations, and ligament or cartilage tears – you’ll get a bigger settlement faster with this type of an injury since it’s more serious.

Wounds – these tend to get you a higher settlement amount.

Spinal disc or vertebrae injury – these are serious and will get you a higher settlement