How Dash Cams Can Save Government Money

If a traffic officer writes a ticket for a driver, then that same driver must pay the ticket or appear in court. If the ticketed driver comes to the court with an acceptable defense, then the government that has hired the traffic officer loses out on receiving some money. That fact provides a general idea of how dash cams save governments money.

The dash cam helps to catch speeders.

It keeps track of the driver’s speed. When it notes a change in speed, it saves the footage from that moment in time. That footage provides the court with evidence that can be used to refute a claim made by a driver.

Dash cams help with the detection of staged accidents.

Some drivers make a point of swerving in front of another motorist. That surprised motorist then slams on his or her brakes. If the car that made an erratic swerve gets hit, the driver of that vehicle can claim that the surprised motorist should be charged with causing a rear end collision.

Another trick that some drivers use, in combination with friends involves the staging of a hit on a pedestrian. The staging involves an act performed by a pedestrian. The pedestrian lies on the road in front of a particular vehicle. If the involved vehicle has a dash cam, then the illegal maneuvers get captured on film. That tends to discourage the groups that have made a habit of staging such incidents.

A dash cam can review a driver’s performance.

Governments and parents welcome the chance to review the performance of a young driver. Those with a poor performance should be denied certain privileges.

What governments have learned about the features on a dash cam?

Those with a wide-ranging lens furnish footage that contains a larger number of details. The possession of more details allows the government to present more evidence, and to fight the claims made in court, as per personal injury in Edmonton. The cams with the wide lens are better for the vehicles that get driven by traffic officers.

Those that are quite small do not display a large picture. In the absence of such a picture, the driver has little reason to be distracted. The small cams work best in private vehicles. The camera’s function can be turned on or off by starting the ignition. The vehicle does not have to be moving, in order for the cam’s footage to be collected. That fact can be used by certain skilled undercover cops. In fact, it can even be used to capture the behaviors of a rogue cop. That fact shows another way that cams can help governments; after all, no government wants that sort of officer on its police force.