What Should Be Covered By Compensation For An Injury?

The misfortunes suffered by the injured accident victim consist of more than just a wound or a serious medical condition. Some injuries incapacitate the victim. Others can cause the injured man or woman to spend many hours going to different medical facilities. A good personal injury attorney will seek to ensure coverage of all the expenses incurred by his or her client.

The most obvious expenses

A listing of each expense should include every cost that has been charged by a provider of medical care, during the victim’s effort to recover. An insurer should cover such a cost, as long as it has been confirmed by a medical professional. In addition, the sum total of all the covered costs cannot exceed any limit that has been set by a local regulation.

Because there are times when an injury can make it impossible for a worker to carry out his or her job responsibilities, the victim’s loss of earning power needs to be compensated. That comes in the form of disability payments, if the physician has provided proof of the fact that the injured patient can no longer perform his or her pre-accident job. Insurers welcome the limitations on such payments.

At no time should someone that has been disabled by one or more accident-caused injuries receive short term disability payments for more than 2 years. Furthermore, the same person should not get compensated for an amount that exceeds one of two figures.

The amount going to the victim should be less than or equal to either a set figure or a given percent of the victim’s former salary. In fact, that figure might be as low as zero, if the person seeking the compensation failed to notify the insurer within a period of 30 days, following the date on which the accident took place.

Other losses that may be compensated

In the eyes of the law, any money has been paid to someone that has been helping the accident victim is viewed as a loss. That would include money spent on housekeeping chores or cash used to cover the cost of attendance care. It might also include the loss of future wages, along with the costs linked to pain and suffering.

Understand that the court will demand coverage of any loss that was absorbed by those that were providing the victim with a necessity. When money has been spent hiring a personal injury lawyer in Sherwood Park, then that same member of the legal profession can confirm the essential nature of the cost that had previously been covered by payments from someone’s pockets. If the victim has died, then the family can claim coverage for the funeral expenses. The same family members may deserve compensation for travel to the victim’s bedside, before he or she died, care-giving at the same bedside and even for grief counseling, while dealing with the loss of a loved one.