A Comprehensive Guide To Personal Injury Settlements

Following an accident which has left you injured, you will most likely be so wrapped up in your recovery, that you will not even think about personal injury settlements. However, this part of the aftermath won’t last forever, and eventually, you will want justice in the form of compensation for your pain, and for your financial losses. This is easier said than done. Personal injury law is complicated and the language can be confusing. And this is where this guide comes in. Below, we have tried our best to comprehensively sum up the process of filing a personal injury claim and obtaining the settlement.

Immediate Aftermath of An Accident

The shock may still sit heavy in your bones, but right after the accident is the most important time when it comes to gathering evidence. Take photos of the scene, of the damages to your property, of your injuries, of the driver’s licenses of the other parties involved – of just about everything that could be of even minor importance, really. Next, you will want to gather medical records, police reports, as well as of all bills and receipts which are in any way related to the accident and the injuries which you sustained as a result of it. Even small expenses for such things as painkillers or ointments should be included.

This is also why you should seek out medical attention as soon as possible. That is how you prove that your injuries were actually the result of the accident, and not sustained somewhere else. If you neglect to do that, your settlement could be close to non-existent.

Obtaining Legal Counsel

Your best chances of obtaining a fair settlement, or even a settlement at all, lie in finding the right legal counsel. A personal injury lawyer in Medicine Hat will have the experience and education necessary to navigate these legal waters and ensure that you meet all deadlines and obtain all documents necessary to build a successful case. You should also be aware that every person in connection with your insurance company, as well as with the defendant’s insurance company, will be acting in their own best interest, and they will hire the most expensive lawyers to protect and defend those interests. Interests that are all about making a profit and giving you as little money as possible.

An experienced and trustworthy lawyer who works on a contingency basis is your best option here. Because they will want to reach the highest settlement possible just as much as you do. That is why don’t stand your ground on self-representation but seek the assistance of a lawyer so that everything goes as per the standard legal procedures.