The Most Common Injuries Suffered In Motor Vehicle Accidents

According to the most recent NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) statistics, over 3 million Americans suffer injuries in motor vehicle accidents every year. These injuries can range from minor bumps and bruises to those that are catastrophic and life-changing. Depending on the individual circumstances of the accident, some injuries occur more frequently than others.

Factors that determine the Nature and Extent of a Person’s Injuries

The nature and extent (type and severity) of the injuries that drivers and passengers suffer in a motor vehicle accident will depend on certain factors including:

• Was it a head-on collision or did the vehicle get hit from the rear or side
• Was it a high-speed or low-speed collision?
• Were the injured individuals wearing their seat belts?
• Were the victims facing forward or did any of them have their body or head turned?
• Were there airbags in the vehicle and did they deploy?

Furthermore, there are two types of injuries that result in motor vehicle crashes – impact injuries and penetrating injuries as follows:

• Impact injuries – these injuries result when a certain part of the body contacts a section of the vehicle’s interior.

• Penetrating injuries – in most cases, penetrating injuries are cuts and scrapes that can result from loose objects or shattered glass flying around the vehicle’s interior.

Again, these injuries often range in severity. While some require medical attention, the more severe injuries often require extended care and treatment. As per a personal injury lawyer in Sherwood Park, having a good lawyer to represent your interests is the next step to take after getting the treatment.

The most common Injuries

Just as every accident is based on a different circumstances and situations, the victims involved in them suffer different types of injuries. The five most common injuries that result in motor vehicle accidents include:

• Arm and leg injuries – arms and legs can be thrown about in a motor vehicle accident causing bruises and scrapes, but broken bones and severe sprains can occur as well

• Chest injuries – the most common injuries range from bruises or contusions to broken ribs or internal organ damage

• Cuts and scrapes – loose objects such as books, cell phones, dash-mounted GPS systems, eyeglasses, mugs, etc. can become dangerous projectiles in a collision

• Head injuries – these can vary in severity from relatively minor to catastrophic and include concussions, lacerations or penetrating injuries, and traumatic brain injuries

• Soft tissue injuries – damage to ligaments, muscles, and tendons

Depending on the type of accident, some injuries can take days, weeks, and sometimes months to become apparent. In any event, you should always seek medical attention after a motor vehicle accident. It will help you recover faster.