Can Cab Drivers Be Liable For Their Passengers?

Large cities have cab drivers with thousands of passengers making daily use of taxi services. Cab drivers are as likely to be involved in a collision as any motorist. If an accident has occurred with a taxi and you suffered injury you may wonder about compensation rights. It is best to talk with a personal injury lawyer in Medicine Hat about your injuries and explain how you got injured.

Cab Drivers Licensing Requirements

Local municipal governments regulate cab driver licensing and some cities require cab drivers be licensed within that city. The following requirements must be met in many cities:

● Must possess a Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 driver’s license.
● Must be 18 years of age
● Must submit a three-year driving record abstract.
● Must submit to criminal record report.
● Must have photo identification.

Cab Driver Types of Accidents

There are rules of the road motorists must follow, including taxi cab drivers. Following are rules everyone must maintain:

1. Drivers must maintain control of vehicle.
2. All drivers must watch for other vehicles, hazards and pedestrians.
3. Cab drivers and motorists must obey traffic laws, including speed limits.

Negligence, by the cab driver or other motorist, is a common reason for taxi cab accidents. As an example; if a motorist did not come to a stop at a red light or stop sign it is considered to be a driver’s obligation and therefore, a traffic law violation. If you are the injured party due to a vehicle violation you could file a compensation claim against the party found negligent.

A cab driver can be involved in an accident caused by another motorist although they did everything properly. A person injured in a cab collision due to the negligence of another motorist, the injured party will file a claim against the other driver. An example is; a motorist ignoring a stop sign, causing a collision with a cab in which you are injured. In this case the passenger sustaining injury would file for compensation against the motorist causing the accident. In this same example, if it is proven the cab driver did not avoid the collision by possibly speeding, the cab driver may be liable too. If so, the injured passenger can sue the motorist and the cab driver. It is still a good idea to work with an injury lawyer so that you get maximum amount of claim.

Following A Taxi Cab Accident, What Should You Do?

Notify police immediately if injured as a passenger in a taxi. Police documentation and facts about the collision is proof you were a passenger sustaining injury at the collision.

You also want to get information from any witnesses and seek medical attention. Your personal injury lawyer will need this documentation to file your claim.