Benefits Associated With Hiring Lawyer If Injured In Motor Vehicle Accident

Consider the likely course of events, if the victim of a motor vehicle accident has failed to speak with a lawyer. In that case, one of the victim’s first contacts with those that will determine the size of the same victim’s compensation will probably be an adjuster. That particular adjuster would be working for the insurance company of the negligent driver.

As a rule, such adjusters hope to convince a visited victim that he or she has little hope of gaining a big compensation. The adjusters’ remarks represent an effort to sway the victim’s thinking. The company that insurers the negligent driver wants to get the victim thinking that it would be best to settle out of court.

Suppose that you are such a victim

Now, imagine how you would feel if you were that standing in that same victim’s shoes. If you had not spoken with any lawyer, you might feel inclined to trust the adjuster’s comments. Hence, you might agree to a settlement without considering the possibility that you had not yet become aware of all of your injuries. That story illustrates one way by which access to a legal mind can encourage an accident victim to make a sensible decision. An lawyer can be counted on to pose this question to a given client: Are you sure that you are aware of all your injuries? In fact, that is just one out an entire list of such questions.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Sherwood Park representing the injured driver might ask this: Did you overlook any major issue? That question might come before or after this one: How has this injury affected your life? If that particular question has failed to trigger mention of an obvious effect, the lawyer might try to remind the client/victim of certain facts.

For example, the client might be reminded of the extent to which stress now eats up a great deal of his or her time. Maybe the victim has been busy completing all sorts of paperwork. Lawyers stand ready to help a client by aiding completion of such piles of paperwork. That is another way that a given lawyer can help a given client.

Is there another way that a lawyer can help a client?

Ideally, a lawyer’s help can ensure the client’s ability to win a desired claim. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes the judge sides with the negligent-appearing driver. Whenever that happens, then it pays to appeal the judge’s decision. The guidance provided by a lawyer can expedite the appeal process, when and if that becomes necessary.