What Are The Basic Reasons of Car Accidents

With a total of 1,834 fatalities related to collisions in 2014, as documented by Transport Canada, and a staggering number of 149,000 injuries, 9,647 of which were serious, it is undeniable that motor vehicle accidents have become a frequently occurring tragedy in Canada. Most of these ends with a lawsuit and that is why it is important to talk with a personal injury lawyer in Medicine Hat. To reduce your odds of adding to any of these numbers, you may read on to learn about the main culprits behind these accidents.

A Driver’s Reckless Behavior

There is a multitude of bad choices drivers can make while behind the wheel. One of the most common ones, that most drivers have or will be guilty of, is distracted driving. Whether it be an incoming call or text that makes someone take their eyes of the road, or an accident site that latches on to their attention, or even just the second in which they let themselves be distracted by changing the radio station or putting in a CD. In many jurisdictions, including Alberta, texting and other ways of using a hand-held phone while behind the wheel have become illegal.

Other dangerous behaviors which are also illegal include: driving while intoxicated (this includes alcohol, recreational drugs, and certain prescription medications), aggressive driving and speeding. While not necessarily illegal, driving while sleep deprived is still extremely reckless and one of the main perpetrators of motor vehicle accidents.

Bad Weather Conditions

There are many incidences throughout the year in which the weather is blamed for accidents. However, it is on the drivers to adapt to these conditions by decreasing their driving speed significantly and leaving further distances between themselves and other vehicles. There may also be extremer situations in which the only, and best, option is to pull over and wait until the conditions have improved and allow them to move on safely.

Sudden Equipment Failure

While not the driver’s fault, there are still things a driver can do to reduce the risk of this happening to them. Through regular maintenance of all key elements of their vehicle, a driver can ease their worries and sooth their consciousness the most. Regular check-ups are mandatory and that is for good reason.

Roadway Design

While all roadways are designed to meet provincial and federal standards, there still are some which are more prone to be the site of accidents than others. Careful driving and paying attention to all road signs are the best way of staying safe.