Available Compensation In The Aftermath of A Motor Vehicle Accident

Following an accident, there are multiple kinds of compensation available. To find out which options apply to your specific circumstances, you can reach out to a personal injury lawyer for further guidance.

Damage of Property

Once the first wave of shock, anxiety and worry has passed, most people start to feel the concern in regards to their vehicle. What is needed is funding for repairs or, if the vehicle is beyond saving, a lump sum payout as high as the vehicle’s value in order to obtain a replacement.

Collision coverage on your car will lead to the assistance of your insurer, regardless of whether you are at fault or not. In cases where you are found to be the one to blame, your insurer will cover your property damage. In cases where you are found innocent, and the other party has insurance coverage, generally, your insurer will be the one to cover the damage done to your car and then recover the same amount from the other party’s insurer. If collision coverage is not something that you have, you will have to advance your personal property damage claim through the insurer of the at fault driver.

Expenses For Medical Treatment

Whether it is prescription medication, ambulance bills, therapy or other treatments, following a collision the expenses can quickly pile up as your injuries are being attended to.If you have sustained injuries that are considered minor and you were driving as the accident occurred, your treatment expenses will fall under the coverage of your Accident Benefits through your insurer.

If your circumstances are different, however, you will need private medical insurance. This can be as a result of you having personally set it up, something you acquired through your employer, or something you have access to through a direct family member. If you do not have private insurance through any of these means, or if the one you have refuses to cover all your medical expenses, you can reach out to your regular insurer. Additionally, you can ask a personal injury lawyer in Edmonton to reach out to the insurance company and deal with them on your behalf.

If all else fails – you do not have access to private medical insurance, and no more benefits are available – you can apply to the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund in an effort to receive coverage for any (remaining) medical expenses. This fund has been set up to help people who have been injured during a car accident and cannot obtain any other form of financial coverage in regards to their medical expenses.