Actions Victim Should Take after Automobile Accident

If a victim has not been injured so severely by the collision that he or she must get taken to a hospital, then that same victim should get all the relevant information on the other driver. That would include the driver’s name, address, telephone number, license number and the name of the company from which that same driver bought car insurance.

If others have been injured, the police must be notified. If it is possible, the victim should take pictures. It also helps to speak with witnesses, and to get their contact information. Be sure to report the accident to the insurance company within 72 hours. Ideally, it will agree to cover the victim’s medical expenses. If that company refuses to pay for the victim’s injuries, legal action can commence.

Actions that will strengthen the plaintiff’s case

During the first visit to a doctor, the victim discloses all the details, regarding the injury suffered at the time of the accident. The victim should not hesitate to mention what seems like a minor pain.

Do not hide possession of a pre-existing condition. A defendant does not get to pick and choose the condition of his or her victims. A good lawyer should be able to argue for a larger compensation package, owing to the accident’s effect on the pre-existing condition.

Do not hide any details about a victim’s medical problems before the accident took place. This word of guidance applies to any passengers, as well as to the driver. Parents should know whether or not a child passenger might have been dealing with a minor medical condition, such as an ear ache.

In the mind of an insurer, it might seem impossible for an ear ache to become responsible for development of a serious medical condition. Parents might feel persuaded to accept the insurer’s view. That could cause problems, if symptoms associated with a traumatic brain injury were to make their appearance in the coming months. Parents that had listened to an insurance company might fail to note the appearance of such symptoms.

An ear infection could aggravate the nature of a brain injury. It could lead to development of a chronic condition. In that case, the affected youth might be forced to live with a condition that actually lowered the same youth’s earning capacity. That low earning capacity would not increase, unless the same youth managed to acquire some unusual skill.

That example helps to underline the reason that every accident victim ought to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in Edmonton. A lawyer understands how to fight for the right of the injured driver and any injured passengers. Lawyers want to help victimized families, not take advantage or their situation at the moment.