Actions To Take If You Experience Motorcycle Accident

Within any community, the mail carrier is not the only person that must brave rain, hail, sleet or snow. Anyone that rides a motorcycle must expect to travel under such conditions, at least on occasion. In addition, that same rider must stand prepared to deal with a heavy gust of wind. Those are some of the conditions that motorcycle riders can experience. Those same conditions can also lessen the riders’ ability to control their two-wheeled vehicles. Naturally, that loss of control could trigger the sorts of tire movements that could then lead to an accident.

How riders on motorcycles can reduce the chances for an accident

Admittedly, those riders cannot control the weather. Still, each of them can make a point of driving safely. That means that each of them should watch the other vehicles closely. Maybe a driver in one of those other vehicles might turn suddenly, never anticipating the presence nearby of someone on a two wheeled vehicle.

Such riders can also pay attention to the weather. If the roads are icy, a rider’s good sense should tell him or her to hold off on making that unnecessary trip. Then, when the weather clears up and that same person gets onto his or her motorcycle, that two-wheeled vehicle should remain at a safe distance from any of the vehicles in front of it.

What to do if a possible accident becomes a reality

If that accident has resulted in an injury, call emergency. Even if no one has been injured, call the police. The police will need to file an accident report. If possible, collect information from others at the scene. Also take some photographs. If necessary, seek medical attention. If an adjuster from the insurance company used by the other driver comes onto the scene, do not talk to that same adjuster. Instead, contact the company from which you have purchased motorcycle insurance.

How to handle post-accident negotiations

Hopefully, you have hired a lawyer. In that case, your personal injury lawyer in Edmonton will be negotiating with representatives from the other party’s insurance company. Still, your lawyer will consult with you, if those same representatives want you to agree to a settlement. Do not accept any settlement until you have a clear idea of how serious your injuries might be.

You should also speak with your doctor, regarding any complications that you might suffer as a result of your injuries. Do that before agreeing to any sort of settlement. Meanwhile, ask your lawyer if you might be able to take advantage of some other benefit.

Ideally, you have already spoken with your lawyer about going after some accident benefits. You certainly deserve to get the money that goes to those that receive such benefits. According to the law, all such money is supposed to be made available to anyone who has been involved in some sort of motor vehicle accident.