5 Types of Experts That Should Be Familiar To Every Personal Injury Lawyer

A lawyer can claim possession of expertise, with respect to legal matters. Still, that same professional cannot claim to be an expert in the area of engineering, economics or medicine. Consequently, any good personal injury attorney should be familiar with the means for contacting 5 different types of experts.

Each such expert can serve as a witness. Sometimes, the same person carries out several other functions, as well. A single case might not demand utilization of all 5 types of expertise. Still, over time, any good personal injury lawyer in Sherwood Park should find it necessary to work with experts in each of the 5 accident-related areas.

Those with expertise in reconstruction

These men and women help to determine how an accident took place. These professional engineers work to discover who should be declared at fault for a given collision. Their expertise guides them, as they review witness accounts and study police reports. The information from such activities gets added to the details obtained by studying the black boxes of the involved vehicles.

Those that bring an expert’s view to vocational concerns

A personal injury lawyer consults with such an individual under a specific set of circumstances. Those circumstances would come together any time that the same attorney must learn about the retraining available to a given client, when he or she needs to retrain, in order to start working again.

Those with recognized economic expertise

An experienced economist can express a client’s loss in the form of a dollar figure. That would be the dollar figure that corresponds to the date of the settlement. The expert’s calculated amount includes the value of lost opportunities for any future income.

Cost of care experts

One of these professionals might work with an occupational therapist. Such a partnership enhances the expert’s ability to determine the future needs for one of a lawyer’s clients. The insurance company expects to get a report from someone that has a background similar to that of any of these individuals.

More than one medical expert

Someone that seeks the services of a personal injury lawyer has usually suffered more than one injury. Sometimes, an expert’s opinion has been sought, in order to determine the extent to which any symptoms might indicate the presence of a serious injury. The attorney selects from those physicians with recognized knowledge in one or more of these areas: Orthopedic surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, neuropsychology and rehabilitation medicine.

Clients should welcome a lawyer’s ability to touch base with such professionals. That accessibility to guidance on medical issues can be used to gain confirmation of an idea put forth by the defendant’s attorney. It can also work to throw cold water on such an idea.